Kind Words Spoken quietly


“I found it difficult to regulate my mood over long periods of time meaning that I lived with a sense of instability that hampered my ability to be happy, productive and stay focussed on my goals.

The consultation session beforehand was therapy in itself. GG created, guided and held a powerful space for me to explore the deepest conscious parts of myself and to connect with my goals and aspirations both for the session and for life.

The RTT® therapy session then enabled me to connect with the root causes of my issues, examine them, re-frame them and therefore heal myself and move forwards with a solid and unshakeable confidence and drive.

The follow up recording sent the following day was an invaluable tool, expertly woven together, that allowed me to keep the highly personalised themes and directives fresh in my psyche as I listened and re-listened each day.

The combination of GG’s warm, insightful, encouraging and professional manner and her expert management of this cleverly created tool makes for a potent agent for deep, instantaneous positive change.

Quite literally – don’t think about it. Go from your gut and dive in to this therapy with both feet. You’ll come up swimming better than ever before and thanking your lucky stars for the opportunity, the method and for GG.”


“I have gone through some terrible events in my life that caused emotional changes in me: exhaustion, confusion, sadness, anxiety. This session was the only time in my life when I have really connected to myself as I was deeply relaxed. I wish to advise people who have been through difficult times or are going now to try the session with GG and they will never regret it. I am able to practice self-care now and even in stressful events in my life I am able to control how I feel. I had sleeping problems before the session but that is solved now, I have developed better communication skills thanks to the insights I have got.”


“The issue I had was not feeling a joy of life, not seeing the point of living since every day was the same and not in a nice way.

I was trying different activities, sometimes really extreme, pushing myself out of comfort zone, to see if I am able to feel happiness, but couldn’t find the key to my positive feelings.

For the last 10 years I was visiting a couple of therapists, tried a group therapy, spent a lot of time reading books about psychological traumas, and a couple of seminars. I “knew” there was something blocking my feelings, but knowing that didn’t help me to unblock it.

After just a single RTT® session I felt a massive relief. It’s been a couple of months since then and I cannot see myself struggling in the same way as I used to.

Walking in a dark room and bumping into things can be frustrating a lot. RTT® was like when someone flicks the light switch to reveal what I am bumping into, so I can see my “enemies”, understand them better and learn to walk pass them without getting the same frustration or even ask them to leave the room.

And now, since I know what I am dealing with, it allows me to see more colours and feel more emotions, which I am incredibly grateful for!

Working with Giedre was very easy as from the very beginning I felt that I was well understood and I could trust her focusing on the main subject.

It is always a pleasure to deal with people who know what they are talking about and believe in what they are doing and that’s how I see Giedre.

It’s very easy to say “get up and take action” and I am not going to. I will say to everyone who is struggling – don’t give up, you are not alone and RTT®, in my opinion, is a very attractive option at least to give a try.”


I had the most incredible experience with hypnosis therapy, and I can’t emphasize how positively it impacted my life. From the first session, I felt a sense of calm and comfort I hadn’t experienced before. It was like entering a world of deep relaxation and inner exploration.

My hypnotherapist was not only highly skilled but also incredibly empathetic and understanding.  Giedre took the time to listen to my concerns, fears, and goals, creating a safe space where I felt entirely supported throughout the process.

During the session, I was pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly I could tap into my subconscious mind. It felt like uncovering layers of thoughts and beliefs holding me back. After that, I listened to the audio recorded specially for me; I could feel those negative patterns and limitations slowly fading, making room for empowering and positive thoughts.
One of the most remarkable aspects of hypnosis therapy for me was its clarity and insight. It allowed me to understand myself better, my motivations, and the root causes of certain behaviours or challenges in my life. With this newfound awareness, I made profound shifts in my mindset and approach to life.

I am genuinely amazed at the transformation I’ve experienced since starting hypnosis therapy. It has helped me overcome fears, manage stress more effectively, and enhance my well-being. A heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders, and I now have a renewed sense of confidence and self-belief. As I said to Giedre, I had this dark cloud following me everywhere. But directly after the hypnosis, the sun started shining over me again, making me feel like I was blossoming again.

I highly recommend this therapy to anyone seeking positive change in their lives. It’s a gentle and powerful tool that has the potential to unlock hidden potential and bring about lasting transformation. Even more, I highly recommend Giedre, which is a fantastic woman with so much love to share. Just trust in the process, be open-minded and let the magic of hypnosis guide you towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

“I had been having trouble sleeping, basically for as long as I could remember. Over the years I have tried everything from melatonin pills to guided meditations. I’ve read and followed all the general medical advice on this subject, but nothing ‘cured’ me from waking up in the early hours and being unable to go back to sleep.

After my 1.5 hr session with Giedre, I no longer have any stress about sleeping. It feels like that big issue in my life has now become a ‘non-issue’. I still wake up between 3 and 5 quite often, but I usually end up going back to sleep. I think the absence of stress makes it easier for me to fall back to sleep.

You get a great return on investment compared with other types of therapy. You can achieve your goal within a few hours, with minimal effort. Giedre has a lovely, relaxed style which makes you feel as if you’re being wrapped in a warm blanket. Undramatic, yet highly effective!”


“I had my old deep-rooted problem, my biggest trouble and my great sadness – that I am not worthy of love, that I am not enough, that I cannot, must not, dare not. I had a strong belief about life which sounds something like this: life is suffering, life is a permanent struggle. I usually chose the harder path, not treating myself to nice things, experiences or feelings. I noticed that I am passing this on to my child, and I don’t want to do that, because I myself received all this “as a gift”.

But I have neither the resources (unemployed) nor the time (small child) to go to long therapies (ie – look for a therapist, call around, ask for recommendations, stand in line), besides, I am deeply aware of what my problems are . The big thing is that – even though I know absolutely everything – I can’t feel differently, and therefore I can’t do differently, I still end up in the old patterns.

And suddenly Giedre came and worked her magic on me. The effect – I don’t feel the same. As if all ties to the past that tortured me were suddenly severed. I create my life in a different way now – and make life a party. I can hardly believe this myself. Am able to enjoy the moment, don’t feel like I have to perform. My life has become more fun. I’ve become more fun.

If I am to compare this experience with my previous one – I can’t really do it as I have never had the time or financial opportunity to invest properly in my problems. And the time frame has always put me off. Going to therapy for years when I as a person want the results quickly – no thanks. In addition, I worked with these questions myself, so I know the subject very well.”


“I came to Giedre hoping to get help with my binge eating which often comes in connection with negative emotions. Food has always been a comfort when I have encountered various obstacles or problems in life. This in turn has affected my health and well-being. After two sessions I have become aware of what situations affect me and found the root of the problem. Now I am more aware of my behavior and can control it in a different way. So far, I have not sought comfort in food, although I have been in situations that I have experienced as stressful and that in previous cases had led to binge eating. This type of therapy has been a new experience for me. It made me really understand my behavior and see it from a different perspective. Previously I have known about the problem but never really understood why it occurred or what caused it. Since this turned out to be intensive approach that worked quickly, I think it is worth its weight in gold. It’s hard to put a price on something that makes such a big difference.”


“I felt big kindness towards myself yesterday after the session and it feels like I have started to get out of the deep slump. I have looked at myself as I usually look at the others, with love. Today I have listened to the recording you have made for me and I feel good. Yesterday you have given me the biggest present one could ever give. For this I am forever grateful. Name Giedre probably means love.”


“I had a few things that I wanted to work on and one of them was my professional career. I suffered from frequent stressful situations, conflicts and unfinished tasks. Another problem was the lack of confidence I continuously observed in myself when I had to communicate with people, I struggled being clear and confident while talking.

Giedre was so attentive, comprehensive and enthusiastic. I felt comfortable with her, safe and motivated to go through this process. Of course, I felt a bit nervous as I’ve never done any hypnotherapy.

She helped me to realise that some of my repressed memories from the past had provoked some unwanted behaviour. So she made me see that they would not have to condition my life anymore. Right after the hypnotherapy session, I noticed how different I woke up the next morning. Now, I go to school motivated and calm. I’ve noticed that the relationship between me and my students is getting warmer. I love sharing things with them and they are more open to me. Thanks to my personal audio, I’m regularly communicating with my subconscious mind. I’m getting unstuck using that deep relaxation technique everyday. I am a much more self-assured, positive and happier person. I love talking and being surrounded by people. I know that much more is waiting for me. I absolutely believe in that…

I wholeheartedly recommend Giedre as a therapist in the RTT® therapy if you want to make positive changes in your life!!”


“I already feel the difference and more is to come, I know! A calmness inside of me that I haven´t felt for a very long time. My relationship with my daughter is progressing.”



your journeY

to freedom

You can choose to start working with me by opting for a 30 day transformation. It is though really the minimal amount of work and time and usually more sessions are needed to get the desired outcome and issues usually are deep rooted.

At the end of this 30-day process we will review your results  and at this state we can opt for one or several cycles to continue to your resolution point.

If you are going through a more challenging process that requires more accountability and new habit formation then we can go for a fuller package which includes my coaching sessions. As a trained coach I know the power of this method, blended with RTT®. This is my “deep-dive” package, recommended hands down if you are going through a particularly stressful period in your life, such as a separation, grieving the loss of someone close to you, struggling with mood or eating disorders or just generally going through an extra turbulent time of your life. This will give you much more of the time with me and extra support in the process. If in doubt: deep-dive. We can get you through this and over to the other side! To freedom.


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